Welding Consumables Suppliers in India

Diffusion Engineers are Welding Consumables Manufacturers who creates as well as supplies the materials required to conduct the welding process smoothly and effectively. Being a welding consumables suppliers in India, following are the components we specialize in.

Welding electrodes - a welding consumables supplier product

Welding Electrodes

These are Specially formulated maintenance purpose welding electrode (MMAW) to ensure enhancement of working performance with minimum heat input. Designed for requirement of reconditioning of various industrial components.

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Diffusion Engineers - Flux Cored Wire Suppliers

Flux Cored Wire

Diffusion specializes in medium and high alloyed content Flux cored wires. It has a wide range of special FCW for joining, surfacing and Hardfacing including Nickel, Cobalt and aluminum wires.

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Diffusion Engineers brazing welding consumable manufacturers

Brazing Products

Diffusion Limited offers a wide range of High Temperature brazing alloys. Our "off the shelf" brazing products include:

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Welding SOP supplier in India

SOP - (with Ultrahard Chromium Boride)

SOP - Ultra hard Chromium boride crystals with a hardness second only to diamond is the ultimate answer as on antiwear coating for parts subjected to severe abrasion and particles impact erosion.

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